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The building in which our theatre is to be located, the Local Community Theatre, currently has no roof, and is abandoned and ruined. But all it takes is to close one's eyes to see the building in its new shape – with a real stage, professional equipment, and rows of seats. This is what it will look like in two years if we manage to raise enough funds for a complete renovation of the building. This website will allow you to follow successive phases of building out theatre.


January 2015. We are starting a fund-raising campaign to revitalise the old quality control building located at 13 Sempołowska Street in Bielsko-Biała. We need three hundred fifty five thousand euro!


The neighbouring building of an old cloth factory, given to us for free by the Bielsko-Biała municipality, was in a similarly pitiful state. Today, it houses an Occupational Therapy Workshop (for 30 disabled people) and an Occupational Activity Centre – a Bookbinding-Printing Workshop (which employs 40 disabled people). Our ten-year-long endeavours to renovate the building have been successful and brought long-term results – creating both institutions would be impossible without the repairs.


For fifteen years we have been working with people affected by suffering, poverty, lack of perspectives, and social isolation. Faith in the power of art, which can change even the most dramatic scripts of human lives, has always been our motivation. For our actors – people with physical and mental disabilities, hearing-impaired, and those fighting with addictions – theatre is often the only chance for a new beginning in life. The creative groups that work with the association have many valuable achievements on their record – their performances and visual works of art were exhibited all over Poland, and also during international events and festivals in Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece and Slovakia. To continue their development they need a space of their own – a stage of their own.


Renovating the building and adapting it to the needs of various artistic enterprises is an investment that will ensure a stable future of our projects for people in risk of social exclusion. The work on restoring the building and adapting it to the new function has already begun.
Thanks to the support of Śląskie Voivodship we managed to make a detailed inventory of the historic monuments entrusted to us by Bielsko-Biała municipality. The next daring phase is to perform a construction expertise and create architectonic documentation without which the construction work cannot begin.


Later on, among other things, we must complete: foundations, infrastructure connections, drainage, ceiling, roofing, thermal isolation, windows and doors, internal decoration, elevation, insulation and thermal efficiency improvement.


Jolanta Kajmowicz-Sopicka – project coordinator
Sempołowskiej 13, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała
Phone: +48 33 497-56-55, +48 600-382-894
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